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Alex and his wife save time riding their new bike!

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Dear James,

Alex is from Bodaa, Ghana, on the western boarder next to Cote D’Ivoire. Most people in this town of about 1000 people are farmers, and the soil is fairly good there.  People in Bodaa walk most places they go, wasting valuable time. Thanks to your donation, Alex received a bicycle and was taught how to take care of it.

Alex is a 43 year old cocoa farmer. His farm is about 8 km away and he used to have to walk that distance, but now he can ride his bicycle, saving 2-3 hours every day.  His wife also rides the bicycle to the farm sometimes, too.  Owning a bike saves time and energy for Alex and his family, and makes life a lot more productive!

Alex is very thankful for your donation, James!  Thanks for your support of the Village Bicycle Project!

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